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The ACT is a budding centre of the hydrogen economy with a history of close connections between industry and academia. The growing hydrogen ecosystem is enhanced by the ACT Renewables Hub, making the ACT a perfect location to host a new hydrogen technology cluster.

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1. Technology Development

2. Business Development

3. Hydrogen Certification

4. Co-Ordinated Education and Training

The ACT Renewable Hydrogen Cluster has 4 Goals

ACT Renewable Hydrogen Cluster


The ACT has a unique opportunity to embrace renewable energy through green hydrogen. This opportunity was recognised in 2020 when the ACT Government announced its focus on hydrogen to meet its target of zero-net emissions by 2045.

Evo Energy, The Smart Energy Council, The ACT Renewables Hub, and The Australian National University have been funded by NERA to establish the ACT Renewable Hydrogen Cluster.


The ACT is already kicking goals with:


  • Australia’s first public hydrogen refuelling station - the ActewAGL Hydrogen refuelling station.

  • The Evo Energy Hydrogen Test Lab.

  • The Australian National University’s world class research association: The Energy Change Institute.

  • The Smart Energy Council and Hydrogen Australia’s world leading Zero Carbon Certification Scheme.


This is just a taste of what is to come from the ACT’s leadership in renewable hydrogen.


“Clean Green Hydrogen of The Future”

- Shane Rattenbury 

ACT Energy Minister

Australia's First Hydrogen Testing Facility


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