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The ACT has long been considered a trailblazer in renewable energy, shaping the systems and the networks of the future and delivering energy derived from solar and wind resources to the masses. 

The progressive path constructed by the Territory has been recognised across the world, and some of the progress can be traced to the work undertaken by innovative, industrious companies, researchers and policymakers involved in renewable energy pursuits with links to the Hub. 

The ACT Renewables Hub is an initiative with the ACT Government as part of its industry development strategy to grow the renewable energy ecosystem.

Funded via the $12m Renewable Energy Innovation Fund, the Hub has been in operation since 2016 and since then has helped accelerate several innovative start-ups. 

The ACT is widely recognised as a leader in renewable technologies and the Hub is testament to the territory’s foresight. The move to renewable energy is as vital as it is inevitable and we are proud of the ACT Government’s remarkable speed and success in reaching 100 per cent renewable electricity by late 2019. This achievement, which was ahead of schedule, has been hailed across the globe and positions ACT at the forefront of developments. 

Now it is the turn of the Smart Energy Council to play a vital role in delivering the new phase of Hub development by building ever stronger links between local, national and international partners.

“Renewable energy is smart energy. It comes in many forms and involves vastly different skills. But what really sets the industry apart is the passion that people bring to the sector as they help refine, and redefine, energy dynamics.”


- John Grimes, CEO - Smart Energy Council

Managing the Hub

The SEC has appointed Alethia Barceinas as Manager of the Renewables Innovation Hub. With a background in business innovation within the private and public sectors and strong commitment to a sustainable environment, Alethia is already well known in the industry.

Alethia is the primary link, the main liaison, between the Smart Energy Council and the ACT Government and will seek to strengthen the renewables network in the ACT while continuing to lead projects.

The Minister for ACT-ion

Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury has ensured that the Hub has evolved into the focal point for the renewables community, which continues to attract interest from major renewable energy investors and that “This is through innovation and the development of new clean technology industries in a sector worth an estimated $20 trillion by 2050.”




The Smart Energy Council is the peak industry body for the solar, storage and smart energy management in Australia.

The Smart Energy Council Story

Smart Energy Council (SEC) is the peak body for the solar, storage and smart energy in Australia. We are a not-for-profit membership organisation committed to clean, efficient, cheap and smart energy solutions for all Australians.

Since 1954 the Council has been advancing the cause of solar and renewable energy as the Australian Solar Energy Society, the Australian Solar Council and Australian Energy Storage Council. In November 2017 we became the Smart Energy Council.


The Smart Energy Council provides a way to bring together the various disciplines concerned with the design, development, application and use of smart energy within Australia. The range of smart energy is broadening and includes solar, energy storage, energy management, wind, hydrogen, EVs and more. These smarter energy solutions sit across industrial, commercial, government, research and development, education, environment and social sectors.

Work and Programs

They help their 1000+ members drive industry forward and grow strong businesses by:

  • Promoting smart energy policy and actively lobbying for our members

  • Marketing, brand placement & promotion

  • Providing timely market intelligence and actionable insight

  • Connecting industry with potential customers and partners

  • Training and professional development

  • Keeping members up to date with industry standards

  • Delivering member only alerts, events and networking


SEC's programs and services are extensive, they include:

  • Driving advocacy, lobbying and industry building campaigns

  • Delivering professional development, webinars and training

  • Delivering networking events, roadshows and summits

  • Leveraging market intelligence and consolidating data

  • Delivering a FREE to attend annual Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition - Learn more

  • A quarterly Smart Energy magazine - print and digital formats; and

  • Fortnightly Smart Energy eNewsletter



The Smart Energy Council is governed by a volunteer board elected by its members.

The Council's membership is comprised of individual, small and medium businesses and many Australian and international companies or organisations are corporate Members of the Smart Energy Council. We welcome installers, salespeople, engineers, scientists, recruiters, managers and financiers; all of whom are in some way involved in the smart energy industry.

Objectives 2020-2021

  • Continue to build the voice for solar, storage and smart energy management;

  • Help deliver state and national smart energy policy; and

  • Continue to improve quality and safety of solar and battery storage systems.


The ACT Renewables Hub is where the Renewable Energy Industry connects to share knowledge and business opportunities through collaboration, events and innovative platforms.

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Harnessing the support of the ACT Government and the expertise of the Smart Energy Council, the mission of the Hub is to position the ACT as a leader in renewable energy in the national and international arenas.




Pioneer the world’s first shared knowledge hub for smart energy.

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