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Laros Technologies

Michael Kingsland

6, 8 Beaconsfield Street Fyshwick ACT

LAROS Group is the leading national buildings materials supplier and consultant for �Passive House�
and other highly energy efficient construction in Australia. We collaborate with homeowners,
architects, engineers, contractors, and builders to provide expert advice and high-quality materials
to ensure your building is a high performance and healthy building.
LAROS supplies High Performance Windows, Energy & Heat Recovery Ventilation, Airtightness
Systems, Structural Thermal Breaking products and Hot Water Heat Pumps as well as quality service
and consultation for all your needs.
As an established construction supplier, we have a proven record of accomplishment in Australia and
New Zealand. All projects are treated with utmost professionalism and all materials are of the
highest quality. Technical knowledge, high-performance products and customer support are the key
quality values at LAROS Technologies.
We believe in continuous improvement of our processes, products, and employees. All LAROS staff
are progressively trained and encouraged to do further studies; products are continuously reviewed
based on performance and feedback, and efforts are made to streamline our processes. This means
higher quality, better service, and ultimately a better living experience.

Contact us to start your Passive House journey, or for more information about all our high-
performance products at (02) 6160 7777 or through

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