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Heatpac RHCS Storage Heating

Nicholas McGloin

100 Gladstone street Fyshwick ACT 2609

Heatpac offers a range of smart electric heaters that can store heat using renewable and rooftop solar power. They provide a residential heating system with the capacity to heat rooms previously served by gas appliances, and make use of the lower power rates available overnight on off peak tariffs or from rooftop solar during the day.
Heatpac storage heaters are affordable and the cost can be quickly recovered in energy savings. They pay respect to the environment with reduced emissions and virtually no ongoing maintenance costs.
Safer than gas heaters they have no poison gas risks and no external fluing required. No burn risk from exposed hot elements as the heat is fully enclosed in an insulated ceramic core.
Heatpac offers cosy convection heating that provides constant background warmth without the drying and noisy air flow created by air conditioners and ducted gas systems.
We are seeking partners who provide competitive off peak and renewable power in the ACT, ideal for use by Heatpac products.

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