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Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program

Sarah Wilson

The Australian National University

Established in April 2018, the ANU Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program (BSGIP) researches solutions to real-world energy and associated systems problems in a holistic way. BSGIP�s academic expertise ranges from computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry to economics and the social sciences. The program places a strong focus on interdisciplinary research, development and demonstration (RD&D). The Program hosts two world-class laboratories enabling cutting-edge research to optimise power systems and explore the next generation of batteries: the Grid Simulation and Distributed Energy Resources Laboratory (DER Lab) and the Battery Materials and Energy Storage Laboratory (Battery Lab). The Program is hosted within the Australian National University by the Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering (within College of Engineering and Computer Science) and the Research School of Chemistry (within the College of Science). The Program is currently funded for a five-year period from 2018 � 2022 with assistance from the ACT Government under the Renewable Energy Innovation Fund initiative and the Australian National University. Researchers within the Program collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders including industry, government, market bodies and consumer and community groups on social, technical and economic issues relating to energy storage and power systems. The Program has a number of key national projects incorporating over two dozen industry partners. To find out more about the ANU Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program please visit the website: To see the range of projects we are involved with please refer to the Research pages. For more information contact: Sarah Wilson, Communications Manager, ANU Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program,, mob 047 856 3281.

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