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Australia Asia Business Development Pty Ltd

Ian Atkinson

P.O. Box 85, Mawson. ACT 2607

The company was formed in mid-2019 to develop emerging business opportunities in Asia and Australia, using the combined skills and experience of the company�s 3 Shareholders and Directors: Mr. Ian Atkinson (Founding Chairman), Mr. John Monty Brown (VP), and Mr. Ewan Brown (CEO). We have contacts and connections around Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and several Pacific Island nations.

Projects undertaken
1. Partnering with a local solar power company to develop business opportunities.
2. Sourcing funds for a Canberra-based mining reclamation company seeking to process minerals in old mine slagheaps, which have been polluting our rivers for years. Then re-shape the old mine site(s) and plant forests over these areas to capture carbon.
3. Introducing a new Australian hydrogen engineering technology to an engineering manufacturer in India to develop and prove the potential of a 24/7 power system that uses solar to produce hydrogen for safe storage for use in hydrogen engines. When successful, the Australian company can take a proven product to the world.
4. Connecting a successful German building system and a US based developer/financier, who is building 22 million homes in Africa, with the Indian Government that needs 25 million affordable homes for India�s rapidly growing middle classes.
5. Seeking partners in Asia for Australian innovations in the production of solar power.
6. Seeking markets for Australian wines and spirits via appropriate contacts in Asia.
7. Working with an Indian manufacturer and an Australian IT company to market a �Pandemic� chamber that is placed at the entrance of any public building.
Services/value offered
� Many years of business experience in scoping the business potential of a project in Australian and Asian markets.
� High level, useful business contacts to assist with product development and proof of concept where required�AND in advising on the best business structure to market the opportunity, including advice on preparing for a successful IPO.
� International finance to fund opportunities examined and proved.

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