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AKT International

Joe Ruiz-Avila

P.O.Box 5249 Cobargo 2550 NSW Australia

Converting organic wastes into valuable food AKT International has been marketing its Australian designed and manufactured, industrial scale dehydrator technology since 1980. It has been in use in over 200 sites around the world for the processing of secondary organic material streams and converting them into valuable commercial products. This means the organic outputs from one or more industries can be used in another application. The recent drought in Australia highlighted for the Directors of AKT an opportunity to move the technology into general organic waste management and recycling on a broad but commercially viable basis. This will enable the transfer of currently wasted organic products away from landfill and into the commercial marketplace. With this concentrated focus on waste, the environmental benefits of this process will reduce both the disposal of waste to landfill and the methane output of landfill. In addition, it will convert several forms of currently wasted organic materials into animal rations. This will increase farming efficiency by reducing wasted production and offsetting the need for the megalitres of water used in wasted production. The principal market for this technology in the ACT is in pre-consumer waste from agriculture and food processing. The process will combine these products with packaged and non-packaged supermarket food waste to produce a valuable food for farm animals and provide a valuable environmental offset for industry partners.

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