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The ACT Renewables Hub is partnering with Nexia Australia to deliver our members, useful resources to help grow their businesses using their finances in their favour.





Super, Snowballs and Staples

- where Alliteration and Superannuation meet -

Superannuation. It’s the snowball you want coming your way.

With employers compelled to contribute to employees’ superannuation funds for the best part of 30 years now, many, particularly the Boomers among us, have already begun basking in the relief that only a financial snowball headed your way in the twilight of your
income-earning days can provide...



Payroll tax

While not enjoying the hype surrounding their Commonwealth counterparts, State taxes are an important source of revenue and can be a significant impost on those liable to tip in.

Accounting for almost 30 per cent of State taxes are payroll taxes, levied in every State and Territory in Australia...



GST and Selling Your ‘Going Concern’ Business Assets

The introduction of GST in Australia 21 years ago brought a host of transaction types into
the tax net, transactions for which there had previously been no tax consequence.

We are all familiar with the 10% GST impost that is added to everyday purchases such as
groceries and petrol, and services provided by tradesmen and professionals such as plumbers and accountants. Less well understood is the application of GST to one-off transactions and transactions involving the sale of intangible assets such as goodwill...



Making the Most of Your CGT Caps – Concessional Contributions

So the end of the financial year has ticked over. Your accountants have partied like it’s 30
June 1999 and you’ve found yourself, like them, reflecting on the year that was and wondering where all your money went.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have surplus funds, you may have even set some of
those funds aside for a rainy day. Such as for when you retire. Successive Australian governments have supported the idea of individual responsibility for retirement saving. This reflects concerns about the funding headache that the introduction of a generation of taxpayer-funded pensioners might otherwise impose on the public purse as our population shifts toward an older demographic profile...


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