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PV Lab Australia

Michelle McCann

Canberra, Australia

PV LAB Australia is a specialised test laboratory with a focus on quality assurance and risk evaluation for PV modules and components. Our independent lab is headquartered in Canberra and can evaluate samples ranging in size from just one module through to statistical sampling of the large numbers needed for a solar farm. We work with financiers, owner�s engineers, EPCs, installers, insurers and importers to ensure quality product and protected purchasing contracts.

We conduct a range of laboratory tests for solar panel quality assessments:
� STC power and Low Light measurements
� electroluminescence imaging
� visual inspections
� insulation resistance
� wet leakage testing
� PID and Damp Heat testing
� support for drafting technical terms purchasing contracts
� sampling advice
� tests conducted to IEC procedures and standards.

We also can conduct electroluminescence and IV curve tracing tests on site for large solar project and import quantities.

We assess performance on day one, identify damage that may have occurred during transportation to or within Australia, and technical performance and reliability throughout the service life of a module. We believe quality assurance testing increases projects yield and decreases the risks associated with purchasing poor quality solar panels.

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