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OPF Consulting

Elizabeth Picker

32 Botany Street, Phillip

OPF has the experience, capability and capacity to research, design, plan, coordinate and implement community and stakeholder engagement programs, and create and manage your marketing communication needs. Our diverse experience, background, networks and competencies mean we bring a dynamic mix of perspectives to our work. Through excellent communication strategy and best practice program management we achieve client goals and frequently exceed expectations. We�re a small, agile and responsive team. From highly experienced senior people through to well-qualified junior staff, we work to deliver exactly the right combination of resources to ensure your projects are clever, cost effective and efficiently implemented. With OPF you have experienced strategists, IAP2 qualified community consultation specialists, outstanding marketing and PR professionals, creative writers, social media gurus, savvy developers, excellent graphic designers, photographers and videographers and brilliant event managers at your disposal.

OPF helps to facilitate open and transparent engagement through traditional and digital communication channels and IAP2 consultation methodologies. We understand the communication challenges clients face, particularly in relation to new technologies, a crowded communication environment and an increasingly discerning and cynical public. OPF consultants have long term, high level and award-winning community engagement experience. Our work has included every communication aspect of project support from initial concepts through project approval, design, build and operational phases. Team members have assisted developers to navigate the government, community and media minefields that typically surround the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), development approvals and implementation process.

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