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Mackenzie Davey Consulting

Chris Mackenzie Davey

39 Somerset Street Duffy ACT 2611

Mackenzie Davey Consulting is a Fire Protection Association of Australia
accredited business that provides specialist bushfire advisory services to both
commercial and domestic clients. We offer a range of services including:
? identifying bushfire prone land;
? assessing potential bushfire impact;
? developing and submitting designs and plans;
? determining the bushfire attack level a development will be subject to;
? providing advice on appropriate siting, vegetation management and
construction standards, and
? advising on access and resources for the emergency services and
evacuation for residents, staff or customers.

Based in the ACT we undertake work in the Territory and throughout South
East NSW. We have experience working with other stakeholders in related
sectors should these be required.
Chris Mackenzie Davey has wide experience of the renewable energy
industry in the region and is familiar with the operational and OH&S
requirements of the businesses in the sector. As well as qualifications in
Bushfire Protection and Landscape Architecture, Chris has training in
Community Consultation, Construction Induction, First Aid and is a member of
his local ACT Fire and Rescue Community Fire Unit.

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