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Alex Lehmann

3 Geebung St, Polo Flat, NSW 2630

Heliosystems was established in 2010 and has become an important key player in the Australian concentrating solar thermal industry, as well as the architectural solar lighting space. Heliosystems has overseen the development of the PATH concept as an alternative to conventional sun-tracking heliostats and has demonstrated that it can be an effective way of improving solar power plant efficiency, and also offering important flexibility for meeting the needs of architectural solar sighting systems.
In 2014 the PATH01 model heliostat was commercialised in the Runyang Solar Power System development in Jiangyin, China. Heliosystems managed and oversaw the manufacture, assembly and installation of over 600 heliostats, demonstrating that the PATH system achieved the expected concentration of energy into the Solastor receiver.
Heliosystems was also instrumental in the integration of heliostat systems into the WATPAC One CentralPark development in Sydney. From 2011, Heliosystems completed the feasibility modelling and preliminary design work, right through to the completion of the full lighting specification for the building including ray tracing, cantilever deflection analysis and stray reflection mitigation. The project has won a number of significant awards including the 'Best Tall Building' worldwide by the Council For Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.
Heliosystems is also a key contributor in the design of the Rhodes Central heliostat system, including supply of the PATH03 model heliostat and a novel secondary reflector system with integrated night-glow feature.
Heliosystems has skills in scientific modelling and analysis, including ray-tracing, dynamic finite element analysis (resonances, fatigue etc), factory automation and robotics, electronic control systems and communications. Heliosystems brings a rigorous, evidence based approach to bear for the development of its technology.

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