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Greatcell Energy Pty Limited

Dr Gavin Tulloch

PO Box 904 Fyshwick 2609

Greatcell Energy and its subsidiary Greatcell Australia are Australian based and owned companies involved in the development and commercialisation of Perovskite Solar Cells (PSC). PSC is the most vibrant solar cell technology of all time, with growth to 25% efficiency in only ten years. PSC is a solid state technology that exhibits excellent performance over the full solar spectrum and has market potential to provide power for indoors, outdoor shade and full sun. Applications being addressed by Greatcell include IoT, mobile platforms, sensor and security, textiles, marine and Building Applied PV (BAPV) for roofs and facades. The products will include glass, metal sheet and plastic substrates with rigid and flexible formats.. Greatcell is seeking collaborations with the DOD and defence contractors as well as commercial contractors in the security sector.

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