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EnergyFlux Sustainability

Ian Swain

Canberra and NSW South Coast

Energyflux was established in 2014 to address an emerging need for high quality, independent technical advice on energy and sustainability issues.
The goal of Energyflux is to support organisations and individuals to improve energy and sustainability outcomes in their operations, and areas of responsibility. We provide services to governments, businesses, not for profit organisations, educators and households.
Energyflux staff have broad experience in sustainability across numerous sectors, with extensive qualifications in science, energy policy, design and planning, and resource and environmental management. We also work closely with experts in engineering, architecture, and economics, as needed to deliver timely, tailored, quality advice.
Energyflux can provide a wide range of sustainability advice services, including:
� Energy system and greenhouse gas modelling and projections
� Carbon accounting and greenhouse gas reduction strategies
� Government program design and evaluation
� Policy impact assessment and cost-benefit analysis
� Building energy simulation and star ratings
� Concept design and design optimisation
� Solar passive building design
� Energy efficient equipment advice and specifications
� Off-grid home designs with zero bills and zero emissions
� Eco home renovations
� Life cycle assessment and sustainable materials selection
� Independent design reviews and sustainability assessment
� Big data analysis and statistical insights
� Data visualisation, spatial mapping and analytics
� Course development and online learning
� Web content development
� Document editing and technical proofing
� Training, teaching, workshops
� Targeted research insights and desktop literature reviews
� Renewables, biofuels and alternative energy economics
� Energy productivity strategy and energy management systems
� Energy assessments and upgrade opportunity identification
� Feasibility assessment, business case development and financing support
� Measurement and verification of energy savings
� Climate change impact assessment and adaptation advice

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