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Australian PV Institute

Renate Egan

9/245 Chalmers St, Redfern 2016

SunSPoT: Understand your solar potential
SunSPoT is an easy-to-use online-tool to assess the potential for electricity generation from solar PV on rooftops. Brought to the ACT by the Australian PV Institute (APVI) with assistance from the ACT Government under the ACT Community Zero Emissions Grants Program.

There is significant potential for rooftop solar PV in Australia, but there has thus far been a lack of good quality information to make decisions about solar PV investments.

SunSPoT provides information and analysis to help energy consumers and PV businesses make better decisions about investment in solar PV. Councils, residents, community groups and businesses can assess the best opportunities for solar PV. SunSPoT provides users with insights they need to inform better planning, policy development and investment in solar PV on ACT rooftops.

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