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100% Free

Includes the following benefits:
  • Access to the ACT Renewables Hub Community online (1 access per membership)
    Hub members gain access to an internal Virtual Workspace and Social Media group where all stakeholders share useful information, offer assistance, broadcast business opportunities or call to action for advocacy and support.
  • Weekly Updates
    Stay up to date with relevant news and upcoming industry events. Each week The Hub management compiles the latest news, events, resources and opportunities awaiting the ACT Renewables community. The bulletin is circulated to members in an easy-to-digest format.
  • Monthly eNewsletter
    A deeper dive into what’s new in the ACT Hub. From member introductions to member stories and event reviews, all in one eNewsletter.
  • Monthly Meetups
    Whether online or in person, The Hub advocates the optimal means of building a strong community is through forums that encourage professional connections and sharing of information.
  • Promo Code to Attend Quarterly Industry Events
    Building on the Smart Energy Council’s experience and extensive industry relationships, The Hub presents quality and high-profile quarterly events for members. These forums provide access to information on the latest technologies, research developments and political debate.
  • ACT Industry Directory and Map
    To become the ‘Silicon Valley of renewables’ The Hub needs to know the who’s who of industry as well as their endeavours. The unique Directory format represents a forward step in achieving a comprehensive listing. Members can view the industry by geographical region or industry sector.
  • National and International Exposure
    The ACT Renewables Hub website is the one-stop-shop for everything renewables in the ACT, the ideal platform for member companies to boost their web presence. Members are invited to add their logo, business outline and website link to The Hub website pages.
  • Digital Subscription to Smart Energy Magazine
    Published quarterly, the Smart Energy magazine presents the latest news, insights, and analysis on the solar, storage and smart energy industry. It provides critical business insight and in-depth features on companies, people, strategies, ideas and trends. Subscribe to receive a digital version.


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